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Radiant the energy




1. Title of the project, stage of project, and location:


Project title: "Radiant the energy of the physical vacuum.

As a result of many years of work in the field of physical vacuum Anikeev S.V. by a group of independent scientists (project initiators) made a sensational breakthrough in alternative energy: mastered new energy carrier-free radiant the energy of the physical vacuum.

Already designed and set up generators that convert free radiant energy of physical vacuum to electricity. Prototypes of data generators have passed testing and successfully proven.

The aim of the project: construction of plants on production of radiant generators to cover energy demand of the world market in energy is absolutely new kind of energy.

Radiant free energy reserves of physical vacuum can be considered endless benefits. According to the calculations of Nobel laureates, R. Feynman and J. Wheeler energy potential of free energy of physical vacuum is so great, that: "in a vacuum, in the amount of ordinary light bulb, energy is more the amount that it would be enough to boil all the oceans on Earth."

Project stage: full preparedness for industrial production based on existing project initiators: International Patent working prototype, tested in practice (and approved by NASA) technology.

The initiators of the project have already been created first and second generation generators. Developed a generator of the third generation. In addition, the proponents of the project, there are other scientific developments that allow you to embed another six revolutionary technologies on the basis of the physical vacuum. The new energy source is only the first project initiated by developed technology.

For the country, which will be founded our company priority, guaranteed the first using our high technology, enabling rapid growth and full energy independence.


2. A brief description of your product or service:


The main function of the product: radiant Generator converts the radiant physical vacuum energy into electrical energy.

Radiant generator is an extremely compact, electronic device, in which there is no mechanical moving parts, no magnets and other fragile and unreliable components.

A simplified scheme of receiving the energy by the generator is given below.


Figure1. Is A block diagram of the conversion of the radiant energy into electric energy.


The main difference from other types of power generators: radiant generator for its work requires no fuel, but on its output-only electricity without any harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Radiant power generators can be very different and has almost no restrictions. Different generators allow for different outlet power and electricity in any volume. So radiant generators can be installed in virtually any object: mobile phone, laptop, car, airplane, boat, train, factory, building, House and so on.

Radiant physical vacuum energy is inexhaustible and virtually free of charge (except for the depreciation of equipment). The initiators of the project it is planned to release radiant generators of various capacities, to cover the entire energy demand of the world market and translate the entire global energy on clean, cheap, powerful, compact, secure energy radiant physical vacuum generators.

Radiant generators use the most advanced technology to date, to which at one time touched Nikola Tesla.


3. Information about the company:


Currently, work is under way to organize a joint venture (JV) called "triumph" Corporation on the basis of receiving 100% of project financing from investors in Bulgaria and Switzerland.


4. The management team:


Qualifications of the project management team.

Highly qualified personnel with significant work experience in this sphere is one of the most important components that will help the enterprise stably operate and evolve. The project management team has enough highly theoretical training and practical experience to the project. All members of the management team have higher education and practical experience in business (it is entrepreneurs who have their company; candidates and doctors of science). Project Manager qualification: doctor of technical sciences.


5. advantages compared to competitors:


Analogues of this technology in the world is not there yet. Patent, a working prototype and field-proven technology is available only from the initiators of the project.


Advantages of radiant energy generators of physical vacuum relative to all other sources of energy:

-free energy that does not require any fuel for its production;

-the lowest cost energy production relative to any other energy sources (depreciation, 1 kW of power would be worth approximately 0.001);

-the most powerful, inexhaustible source of energy;

-absolutely ecologically clean energy source;

-radiant energy generators have no dependence on external factors (solar, wind, fuel and so on);

-in the radiant OM alternator there is no moving mechanical parts (only electronics) that significantly prolongs its service (average is 20 years);

-this is the most compact in the world energy source;

- is a universal source of energy that can be used  for any devices consuming electric energy.

Market volume:

Use of energy resources is one of the main indicators of the level of civilization development. Energy is the basis of modern economy. Modern industry is becoming increasingly energy-intensive production, energy consumption is constantly growing.

Electricity is the most important indicator by which are judged on the level of development of the country. However, most developing countries do not have on its territory large reserves of oil, natural gas, coal (except a few exporting countries) and is dependent on the export of energy resources. Virtually all countries in the world today is facing the facts: energy shortages, danger and harmful energy production, the rise in energy sources. Therefore, radiant energy, like the new and perfect kind of energy will be in demand like nothing else. The introduction of a new energy source will address critical issues on the planet, and the most important ones: the termination of the pollution of nature, cover the growing demand for energy.

According to analysts of the us Department of energy (DOE), to the year 2025 world energy consumption is approximately 183 billion 000000. kWh/year. To cover the whole of the market for electricity in the year 2025 would require 5228 billion. vacuum energy from generators pieces average power of 35 kW.

For starters, the initiators of the project will cover the demand for radiant power generators in the communal sector (mostly private houses) and in the transport sector. Now manufacturers of automobiles and other vehicles show great interest in this product. But they are hampered by the fact that they cannot believe that energy production technology Century 21 can exist right now, despite the fact that Nikola Tesla had long demonstrated around the world its existence.

From the above we can draw only one conclusion: the competitive ability of the project is at a very high level.


6. Financing of the project:


Our own research and development costs during the research amounted to about $ 50,000. Own funds at this time, no, but there is a fundamental ability to obtain funding for this project from the EU (Euro Union) on the theme: development of new alternative energy.

For realization of the project and construction of the first factory for the production of radiant generators require funding of at least $ 35 million (but it is desirable to have twice the amount of $ 70 million). The initiators of the project for this, it is planned to attract an investor who will finance the project at 100%. The investor is offered to establish a joint venture (JV) called "triumph" Corporation. The establishment of such enterprises may have on the territory specified by the investor. The investor is offered get in this firm 47% stake in the company.

Mastering investment funds planned under the investment schedule, as the company needs cash, for 2015-2016.

It should be noted that the initiators of the project have already negotiated with many financial institutions in such countries as: the United States (including NASA), England, Germany, France, Israel, India, Cyprus, Hong Kong S.A.R., Turkey, etc. However, financing conditions, which were proposed by investors and lenders have not arranged the initiators of the project.

Phased project implementation plan : in the first phase of the project implementation (based on previously developed by the initiators of the project business plan) is intended to prepare a working draft, under the terms of a specific territory in which will be built a factory for production of radiant generators. This working draft should include the following main activities:

-development of a comprehensive project documentation for construction of the plant, installation of production facilities, the execution of the commissioning works (General Plan of construction);

-recruitment, contracts for supply of equipment and necessary for the production of raw materials, production, construction, assembling and commissioning works on a turnkey basis;

-certification of finished products existing on the plant production laboratory;

-work plan of the Department of marketing and sales, exit plan for markets, contracts for sale of products;

-acquisition of all necessary licenses (and patenting);

-procurement of equipment and materials;

-performance of civil and erection works;

-carrying out of starting-up and adjustment works;

-execution of technical documentation to start production of radiant generators (development of technological processes of production);

-plan production run radiant generators.

In addition, the investor is expected to actively participate in the preparatory stage of the construction of the plant. Namely, all matters relating to the administrative resources: finding a place for construction of the plant, a decision with the administration of all matters relating to the harmonization of summing up all necessary communications plant for the production of radiant generators.

Based on the financial plan for the working draft Investor undertakes to finance a project corresponding tranches. Initiators of the project are taking responsibility in the implementation of the project. Investor oversees finance expenditure without interfering in the production process.


A plan to return the borrowed funds: for construction of the plant (estimated) expected duration of 1-1, 5 years (depending on the specific conditions of the terrain).

Return the full amount invested amount (estimated) expected term of not more than 3-4 years (and possibly earlier).


Indicative estimate of the return of the borrowed funds for the plant on production of radiant generators costing $ 35 million:

Profitability of production (according to the most conservative estimates) is 300-500%, averaging 400%. The production cost of 1 kW generator radiant energy (estimated) $ 30 -50. For calculations take the maximum value-$ 50. Perform calculation on medium power generators, namely the power of 35 kW. Then we obtain the following figures: plant dynamics

Nominal capacity: 10000 pieces/year (this is approximately 27-30 units per day)

The production cost of one generator: 35 * $ 50 = $ 1 750

Annual production cost: $ 750 * 10000 = $ 17 500 0000

Annual income: $ 17 500 production 000000 * 4 = $ 70 0000 0000

Production costs and taxes: in the largest amount of not more than $ 50 0000 0000

Annual net profit of production: $ 70 000 to $ 50 000 000 = $ 20 0000 0000


7. Strategic objectives of the project:


The initiators of the project plan to develop the competitiveness of production through the optimization of the production economic activity in accordance with the needs and market trends, improvement of all aspects of development in order to achieve growth in the market value of the enterprise as stable companies capable to occupy a leading position in the energy market.


The strategic objectives are:

-cover the increasing demand for electricity;

-increase market share through increased sales, development of new products and, accordingly, develop new markets and consolidate them;

-formation of a permanent customer base;

-increase of production volumes and production facilities;

-quality control of products;

-achieving high rates of profitability and performance;

-increase the amounts of capital to the enterprise.

In achieving its objectives in the matters of the company will be a success thanks to its unique advantages possessed by the generators of free energy radiant physical vacuum relative to all other energy sources (both classical and alternative).


8. plan of action:


1. Search for project financing with the conclusion of the respective contracts.

2. the establishment of a joint venture (JV).

3. receipt of investment on the part of the investor.

4. The launch of the first factory for the production of radiant generators.

5. Realization of production plant and sales licences for the production of radiant generators.

6. Due to own means of production radiant generators to build several more factories around the world.

7. Due to own means of production radiant generators to establish industrial production the remaining 6 technologies based on physical vacuum, developed by the initiators of the project, namely:


1. the establishment of absolute protection of information field on the basis of the created project initiated by software-hardware chip (this protection is significantly higher national protection United States level A1). This is the most powerful protection of information in the world that has never and no one can be hacked, because it is based on an entirely new principle-the physical vacuum. This technology is ready for industrial release and successful testing in the United States.

2. Instant communication with any point of space Earth Explorer-the physical vacuum (distance is irrelevant because there are no obstacles for signal transmission). This technology is superior to all forms of communication today and ready for industrial production.

3. Anti-gravity technology based on physical vacuum, allow you to travel in space, bypassing the gravity. Developed the technology. Required field test.

4. Instant move to any point in space. Developed the technology. Required field test.

5. This technology until classified prior to production.

6. This technology until classified prior to production.


9. Possible project risks and ways to overcome them:


Risks associated with the implementation of this project can be created or force majeure (natural disasters or Government), or can be created artificially by corporations, the monopoly of oil production, gasoline, gas. These risks may be associated with both the component supplier (or raw materials) for the production of radiant generators, and with the establishment of an embargo on the import of manufactured products.

Overcome possible risks in the project possible through sound, smooth and very cautious policy of promoting products on the market and the ability to agree with dangerous and very powerful competitors. Additionally, you must first of all placing the plant in a country whose leadership will support our project politically in a country where laws are strictly observed, and preferably in a country that has its own raw materials needed for our production.

If possible occurrence of instability of the global economic situation to reduce the riskiness of the project, the company may establish a fund commercial risk will go 5-10% of the net profits of the company. An alternative method of reducing risk is to cooperate with insurance companies.

To prevent current risks may also be taken by the following activities:

-drawing up long-term contracts with all suppliers and consumers of products;

continuous market research to identify new ways to attract customers, improved methods for retaining existing customers;

-continuous monitoring and analysis of proposals from other vendors necessary to produce the goods;

-a systematic diversification of suppliers, reduce mediation between an enterprise and its suppliers and customers, drawing up of mutually beneficial long-term contracts between them for mutual benefit (benefits, discounts ...).

-regular monitoring of the quality of the components;

-permanent monitoring of the quality of the manufactured products with a view to early detection of defects;

-certification of products manufactured by the enterprise;

-sound pricing policies and analysis of quotations of other firms.