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Offer to investors

Offer to investors.
I need $ 50 million for the development of new production, producing a wide range of innovative products - neyrokommunikatorov health management of people "matrix Anikeeva". This conscious control and health programming, restore health capacity and improve the quality of active and long life. "Individually programmable matrix Anikeeva" - we need to develop production, there is a patent on an invention developed product samples, methods of brain programming, production technology, formulation for druidopunktury points, documents, customers. It is necessary to build a factory and equip the assembly plant for the production of a new health furniture to buy raw materials and equipment. Our task - to enter the international market. The mission - to help people in getting rid of pain and diseases, improve the body and develop the brain, opening up new possibilities of man, to treat all people individually created program "Druidopunkturnoy neural therapy" to develop an approach taking into account all the problems, the individual characteristics of the organism and taking into account the personal needs of each client. Our product is of interest to many people, we participate in international exhibitions and fairs and see the needs of all customers. I need a strategic investor. Money back with a large profit at the end of the whole project 3 years term. My website: What do I need more?

"Вопреки всем законам физики: Чем больше у Вас здоровья и тяжелее по весу деньги, - тем с ними легче!"


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