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Hello Jianlin Wang! Global international Internet project!. The wonders of guidethere for health.
"Global Internet project - individually programmable matrix Anikeev, restoring health and improving the quality of active life, the sale of healing products Anikeev, as a new service of health practices conscious planned in advance and health programming – as the basis for the extension of conscious life and the formation of their future."
General information and justification of the selected solution.
In our developed, but unpredictable society, in cases of providing a person with the necessary emergency medical care or pharmacological treatment, for a number of reasons, it is not always possible to produce it efficiently and in a timely manner, which very often leads to the loss of precious time, money and leads to chronic diseases, death of people.
The present new method of guidapoker claimed and shall be deposited copyright as the intellectual property technology Dreidimensional of neural therapy - a new way of conscious health management and its programming and services to the production of a wide range of natural smart furniture in the area of recovery and rebuilding of medical and biological practices. Purchase and transfer to the patient as a result of the programmable product (individually programmable matrix for conscious control and correction of health) through the work of a programmable roller surface, affecting the points of druidopuncture - according to specially created author's recipes of neurotherapy. As an intermediary of communication and the beginning of diagnostics and health session through the Global Internet, television networks, networks of mobile and wired stations, as well as through Satellite communication and other any kind of transceiver technical communications.
This method of introduction of the technology of conscious health management, in its development perspective, is intended to make a massive breakthrough in the recovery and health practices of the future, as a new natural method of druidopuncture, the provision of healing assistance for the natural program of extending the quality of long and happy life.
The innovation of the method described below, as a method of druidopuncture - recovery, is a fast round - the-clock access to a highly effective therapeutic human body product of Dr. Anikeev, as well as a wide selection of natural wood-different to the needs of furniture for health management. This is a very effective technology to improve health without side effects, clear communication through the transmission of recovery and recovery sessions with existing communications modern types of communication, anywhere in the World online. Now every person who turned to us for help, located anywhere in the world - can afford through the Internet to order a solution to their problems.
The new method of health programming is justified by Dr. Anikeev, and the technical solution (creation of recipes for the influence of an individual program of special impact rollers) is created on the thousand-year experience of Physical impact on the points of tree-item and the method operates through the human skin, and this whole system is called "PMA" Programmable Matrix of Anikeev or ("Programmable energy of our consciousness").
Work on the creation of the Anikeev Matrix, a programmable complex-universal installation (in use of the programmable Anikeev matrix "health matrix Generator") was carried out since 1990.
The basis for this method dreidimensional in addition, productions of works in realization of technological, technical, conceptual and constructive solutions was:
1. A unique perspective on the understanding of "the BASICS of the HUMAN NERVOUS SYSTEM", construct your own recipes effects of guidapoker - management work of organs and systems (know-how), methods of treatment, search and collection of information about various diseases, its intelligence. Search and study of the experience of the author's works of world scientists, teams of Russian institutions, enterprises and institutions engaged in the field of health Care, including own 30 years of practical medical positive experience on their patients, hospitalizations and application of non-traditional healing methods in personal recovery.
2. Analysis of emerging; ancient experience of ancestors and new ideas, hypotheses, "know-how", which had the novelty of medicine in human health and computer programming of health, a rational grain of invention in these areas.
3. Research and experimental operation of both previously created and new simulators and furniture Anikeev, devices and equipment engaged in the field of health improvement.
4. Setting experiments in research and obtaining phenomenal practical results on patients, as well as on" objects " of living and non-living nature.
5. Obtaining practical results in the cure of many diseases and practical test sessions on the established copyright System models "programmable Matrix Anikeeva" and 30 year experienced of restorative and therapeutic practices of Dr. Anikeeva with volunteers and patients.
project status
* Created five hundred operating samples of products ready for large – scale replication of models, various Matrices of Anikeev-wooden furniture for health and improving the quality of life and other sports, educational and medical complexes. The practical results of many years of tests, which confirmed the feasibility of the chosen method, the accuracy of technological solutions and know-how of the Anikeev method, later transformed into the author's method of curing many diseases and the use of druidopuncture via the Internet.
* More than 10 thousand sessions were conducted experimentally for clients via the Internet with delivery of individually programmed product to the addressee of volunteers to patients of different age groups and with various pathologies, the results of which are recorded in a personal video archive.
• Construction of the production for the production of a wide range of products Anikeeva and programming recipes impact through the rollers strictly directed action on the puncture points of the individual matrices of the new system of computer programs to create individual recipes and programs points of recipes from the cure for some diseases impact on the skin is not completed because of lack of funding.
project objective
To introduce a brand new way of conscious programming of rehabilitation and health improvement of man - method of guidapoker. Transfer to the Subscriber (client) of a health session and creation of an individual product of conscious health management for everyone in need in the world. Through the Global Internet, television networks, networks of mobile and wired stations, as well as Satellite communications and other types of technical communications designed to transmit information, simultaneously solving environmental, economic, demographic and social problems in the framework of the program "Healthy World without borders".
Solution of the Project task
The task is solved by the creation (construction) of a plant for the production of various purpose programmable health furniture, containing individual matrices Anikeev and Center with the provision of Internet - procedures of recovery and health sessions online and the purchase of new products for conscious management of their own health.
project implementation period
The project is ready for implementation. We need investment.
Creation of programming, construction of the Center and start of round - the-clock service for 488 people/hour-no more than 10-12 months from the start of funding in the required amount.
Access to simultaneous round - the-clock service of 100,000 people/day-to the 20th month of the Project since the start of funding in the required amount.
Simultaneous service of 1000 000 patients in need per day remotely, with access to the service volume of service (without an expanded network of branches) – by the end of the 3rd year from the launch of the first project broadcast of the computer program Anikeev on the Internet. And when replicating the project around the world in many countries and selling franchises - it is planned to service and much more reach customers in the world.
Brief description of the method and method of using the "PEI" system (Programmable energy of consciousness)
The Institute of advanced Training and Retraining
 "Ethnic and health practices
in modern world»
Anikeev Sergey Vladimirovich
Group listener:
"Ethnic and health practices»
There is nothing stronger than the weak interactions of the environment around us. Sergei Anikeev.
The aim of this work is to present a concept for understanding the essence of the "BASIS", which is the Foundation of the development of life on Earth and in particular, the "Magical phenomenon of Druidopuncture neurotherapy" ethnic health practices from Ancient times to the Modern world. And in the light of its development, the present, to witness the realized understanding of the principles on the basis of the obtained practical results, as a new method and method of recovery – the creation of recipes of druidopuncture, the Creator of which is the author of this work.
Energy, on which all classical Sciences are based up to medicine, as well as applied ones - astrology, cosmoenergy, bioenergy, homeopathy, etc., which permeates all the space of matter, is the "BASIS" of the universe. Energy, the availability of and degree of importance of which, people began to to realize only in the last decade.
Ethnic, original and non-traditional methods of healing, as well as modern science, and all medicine, are United by a single invisible, but already registered modern devices, energy-field Matter.
Mysterious for us, it was not so mysterious for the ancient druids and the Chinese. Global international Internet project. The wonders of guidethere for health. "Global Internet project - individually programmable matrix Anikeev, restoring health and improving the quality of active life, the sale of healing products Anikeev, as a new service of health practices conscious planned in advance and health programming – as the basis for the extension of conscious life and the formation of their future."
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